About me

Hi, friend! My Name is Amparo 🌸

I’m a licensed clinical mental health counselor (with over 20 years of experience) and a health & mindset Clini-Coach©️. I live with my spouse and school-age kiddo in the beautiful mountains of Western NC. 

I spent at least 25+ years wrestling with yo-yo dieting, food restriction/overexercise, dissatisfaction with my body image, and searching for “the magic pill” to end my complicated relationship with food and my body.

It was also difficult to find resources out there for a person of color or someone from other marginalized communities because it seemed like these issues “were for white girls”. The internet seemed full of health coaches that didn’t look like me, which was a little discouraging when I went looking for support.

I worked with my own health coaches to heal my relationship with food and my body and it was a game changer for me (shout out to Becca and Liz!). And now I’m paying it forward by helping others who are on their journey to their best selves!

You can also check out my mental health therapy website at: www.amparopennytherapy.com for details on my therapy practice if you live in NC and are seeking mental health services. 

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